Saturday, April 14, 2012

Adelaide celebrates autumn

Adelaide doesn't normally have autumn. We normally have a hot , dry summer which everyone complains about even though they love the beach and bbq weather  and then winter which seems to last for far too long. More and more people have been appreciating the cold, wet conditions which tends to advertise their country of origin. More and more people have complained about the heat when we have had it. Historically Adelaide has been famous for scorching, relentless summers which those who have kept journals have always commented on. This year our summer has been mild and we have had a spectacular autumn which we have decided to really appreciate. We have loved sitting outside, eating outside, being outside. We have taken to the street cafes, the outdoor activities. Children have been skipping and running down the street. People have been out for leisurely and not so leisurely walks. The kind weather has allowed us to think about fitness and  get us outside. We have had rain which is not usual for summer so our gardens are green. We have been pruning, clearing and planting and it seems odd in a way we have been able to carry out these activities for so long over summer and now autumn. By now it is normally cold. There have been confusing days where we don't know if we are hot or cold. Days where the layered look has been the outfit du jour and days where we go outside because it is far warmer and more inviting than indoors. Even weather is always a surprise to us but it has been a real pleasure to enjoy these lovely , sunny days.

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