Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Messenger Press Online

I knew the Messenger Press was online but I didn't realise I could actually read my local version of the Messenger in its entirety. I was looking for a particular article which had been published to show someone over Christmas and I had recycled my paper. I went to the Messenger site and found they offered the whole versions of each paper.  I shall use it now. The sooner we do away with paper the better. It'll make for a cleaner, greener, tidier world  and we just need to convert ourselves to electronic alternatives.I have always read and valued the Messenger because it brings truly local news and events. It is important to have a sense of belonging when you live somewhere and the Messenger has always broguht that sense of connectedness because it deals with local issues and often will use its position to help promote good causes that the community feels need to be addressed. The fact we can now access it online needs to be more widely publicised and then perhaps we can do away with the paper version and move on into the 21st Century.

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