Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spindle cell tumour in dogs

The previous post about my dog is here and since then we have carried along quite nicely. After 4 baths and finishing the course of anti biotics the skin infection cleared but the hard, horrible skin on her back remained. This photo comes from Christmas just before the back fur fell out. Now you don't really notice she has a problem with her back unless you look. The weather went really cold and wet and we were over the baths. As soon as it gets warm again I shall bath her because it does help that flaky skin getting in her fur, probably from the cortisone. She turned 11 in July and I went away for a week and had a family member stay to care for her. She looked really well when I came back and her fur was much better. I made all her dinners up and froze them because I give her weetbix every day and then a potato about 3 times a week. I vary her diet and keep it as healthy and interesting as I can but it would have been too much fiddling around for someone looking after her. Bit by bit the hard skin on her back has cleared but there is still a patch down the middle. I have just left it alone through winter after all the bathing. It seems to have been the right decision. I have gone back to brushing her once a week instead of every day like I used to and that seems to be good for her and she likes it. She's slowed down but she is happy and we play ball sometimes when she wants to. I took her to the vet last week and they thought she looked better than in April and my daughter saw her this week and she hasn't seen her since April and she said she looked well. The tumour blew up badly the other week but I did not panic. I have learned to at least wait one day. I rested her indoors for 4 days and then let her go out as usual. My garden is quite big so she can get plenty of exercise for who she is now when she is in the mood. The tumour has come down a lot and the vet had no explanation for that either.Teh tumour can have a mind of its own. My vet and I have worked together on this ever since she got the tumour and that approach has been invaluable. When we both put our knowledge together we seem to have a good way of managing this evil tumour. So we carry on. I at least know I have done my best to provide her with a happy, fuss free life at this stage. I have avoided further tests and treatments as such because she is 11, she is okay and she is happy. If anything happens I know my vet will help me in a really good way and that is all I can wish for. 

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