Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cure for dog tumours?

I have blogged about the spindle cell tumour in my dog here and here before. She is 10 years old now and she still has the tumour on her leg the size of a small apple and , as I wrote in my last post, she was on the operating table when the vet decided taking off her leg was not the thing to do even though he had been thinking it was. I still admire his courage and the fact he thought about my dog right to the last minute. So she has been happily at home for the last 2 months and she is happy to do without vets! She has had the tumour checked and her general health in a visit since then and I'll be taking her back shortly for another visit. She is totally shiny and well. No one can believe she is ill until they see the tumour and then they are as flummoxed as I am as to what to do about it. This has been the toughest thing I have had to manage with a dog and I have had 2 other dogs with cancer. I am certain the fact that everyone just loves her helps keep her spirit up and that is important. I worked out she is not as psychologically strong as she appears. Last week I had managed to find another hamburger toy which she loves. The great big squishy ones. I couldn't believe it when I finally found it and she couldn't believe it either. I do everything to keep her happy and active and she is very active. I have to balance that though and give her plenty of rest. It's a big balancing act. I was overjoyed though when I found this article because it's what we need. Something to put on the lumps so they vanish. They are a threat and ghastly. My friend's dog had had tumours in her face and in the end , after 3 operations, they just had to let her go. This treatment may be the very thing for dogs and cats with these awful tumours. I shall ask my vet about it when we see him soon, because it doesn't specifically mention spindle cell tumours. More information is here . Even if my dog cannot be helped I now know there is research there which will eventually help animals and no doubt humans too.

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