Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lock up your waters!!

"Water-sensitive urban design: Design of subdivisions, buildings and landscape which enhances the opportunities for at-source conservation of water, rainfall detention and use, infiltration, and interception of pollutants in surface runoff from the block."
The NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources has provided us with a really comprehensive water glossary as a support to our conversations with regard to our ongoing water management crisis. Everything's a crisis at the moment. I keep reading about water detention where I would say water retention, so I came to this site to consult. Even they take the locking up of waters for granted. The concept of water illegally entering our country is rather ironic considering we have so little of it and therefore we'd have to put it in a detention centre to see if it has the right to stay here or not. Detained waters. It's hilarious. It is a concept we need to have as such. Detention tanks are there to hold water which has not been treated for consumption and hasn't been treated to be perfectly safe, so it has to be detained until it passes muster. I think that is what water detention is as far as I can see. Funny use of vocabulary, though.

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