Saturday, November 08, 2008

Father Christmas in Adelaide

"Such is the popularity of the pageant, parents began arriving before 4am to secure prime vantage points, with some even staying overnight at hotels like the Hilton."
The pageant is a big event here and so many parents go to great lengths to ensure their children get to see it. Some parents just let them watch the coverage on TV but even that makes for a very special morning at home. I was driving to town around eleven and the floats were coming back down South Terrace to go home for another year. The big pink monster was very eye catching and the floats were beautifully made. The detail, the colours and the variety are what make the Adelaide Pageant so special. The kids trotting back down Greenhill Road and Unley Road with their parents looked incredibly happy. It was a nice day for it because it wasn't too hot or cold, there was a bit of cloud cover which made the colours really stand out and the families were all looking comfortable and happy. I don't think I have ever felt such a happy sense around pageant time. people often get a bit stressed but this year there was a really good feel in town. So well done to the organisers, well done to the planning and preparation of the parents and well done to those beautiful floats.

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