Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Amazing Adelaide

As we were arriving in town everyone on the train was commenting on how huge all the new buildings were where the RAH is now. We could not believe how spectacular it all looked because on the other side is the imposing Adelaide Convention Centre. The architecture is very eyecatching. I walked out over the Torrens Bridge and the panormaic views of the River Torrens and its banks were just superb. It is a 360 degree uninterrupted view of sky, water , green and then our buildings. So much is being built, facelifted and reformatted. It has such a good feel and it really looks extraordinary. The poor pelicans were not too impressed with our unusual Adelaide summer weather. Bit cold, bit blustery, bit like it would pour with rain any minute.
So not us and the pelicans knew it. The black swans and other birds didn't seem to mind so much but the recent rain has made the Torrens banks look green and lush. The masterminds behind this reconstruction and new look can be well pleased with what they have achieved so far. We really are becoming more beautiful each week and the energy and creativity going into this is much appreciated.  

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