Friday, August 31, 2012

Paralympic Games a winner

Well, the consensus of opinion around here is the Paralympic Games 2012  are just great. We loved the opening ceremony and thought it was dazzling, warm, touching and very inspirational. We have been raving about it. It was just so good. We have liked being around the desk as we get to know the athletes in such a comfortable, friendly open way. We have been impressed with the information which has been provided formally and informally so we can better understand the ways the athletes are categorised and then how they manage and can manage. We have noticed that it is not full of  marketing and monetizing hype. The althetes are just genuinely good athletes trying to win gold. You can see people actually doing their best and making things happen. We are all full of the different athletes who inspired us. I love the female swimmer who really only has use of one arm. She is so good. Then I love the blond female cyclist. The names are not popping onto our tongues as is the case with the Olympics - and do you know what? That's good. We are not fighting the media hype to really get to know these althletes and we can just watch them perform and do well. We know who we are talking about. We can get involved in events because they are not over in 2 seconds where we are clueless as to  who is in front....or it'sway too obvious. We can see a competition. A race. A progression to first place. These games are uplifting. They are making us really love sport again because we are more genuinley involved. 

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