Sunday, August 26, 2012

Horribly cold

My daisies are a wonderful reminder to keep a cheerful face on as I endure this cold wet, miserable stupid weather. There is a reason I live in Adelaide and not Tasmania, not New Zealand, not England. I don't do cold, wet, windy, hail...horrible. My daisies have defied this vile weather and have come up trumps. I can see them as I go outside and from my lounge room window. They are there to remind me to be happy and well and to take no notice of this weather. Sooner or later it'll be warm and sunny and just how I  like it. It is hard to be outside because it's so unpleasant. I have spent some time outdoors but not long. I have done some useful things out there but not much. This weather is getting to us. A lot of Adelaide is sick and I am sure that's because we have no blue skies and sunshine. People are just walling up and keeping warm. Soon it will be the first day of spring. I hope the weather changes with it!

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