Friday, September 23, 2011

Revamping Adelaide

OUTDOOR dining on Gawler Place, "pop-up" cafes, one-way streets and green bike lanes are among a raft of trial projects tipped to breathe life into the city this summer. 

 Any ideas to revamp Adelaide are welcome and these sound pretty good. Cutting the south bound train for 6 months has created a disconnect even though the train is back - because the second stage of the train line upgrade will put the train out again. Parking in Adelaide is not a good idea. It costs too much and it's awkward because there are reconstruction areas around Adelaide which are not necessarily known. Better to use public transport or a bike! Walking around Adelaide is easy and pleasant when you are there. People have abandoned Adelaide because working hours are quite bizarre these days and so people shop locally to ease the strain on themselves. Public transport issues and roadworks are making commuting difficult into town and then it seems to crawl with teenagers rather than a mix of age groups. Add to that the broader issue of online rather than real life shopping and Adelaide is going through some problems. Reports of aggression, fights and unpredictable people are continuing. It doesn't stop me going to the city because I think it's important to be there. I can understand why others do not go. The imbalance is nice and obvious. Using the side streets to better effect would be good. Using the city in different ways would attract different age groups. You need a balance in the demographics so that one group and their interests is not dominating. Spenders tend to be older. I hate seeing shops struggling because we have always had good shops but if you don't get and keep the people who want to shop comfortably then our retail sector will suffer. Melbourne and Sydney cater well to everyone and you see a mix of age groups shopping. We have a smaller population so we have to think this out carefully.

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