Sunday, January 02, 2011

Queensland Floods

Queensland is still in trouble because these floods are a colossal event. The areas flooded are bigger than NSW or France and Germany put together. That is a massive area of homes, farms, mines and commercial endeavour. It is affecting thousands of people and it will affect the Queensland budget. It is billions of dollars worth of damage which cannot just get fixed because it is water soaked. Rockhampton is currently being cut off from the rest of Australia because the water is rising and it may not be until later in the week that it shows any sign of abating. Emerald is starting to be recovered by its residents. The  current danger is people trying to escape threatened areas will be lost in the rising rivers or cut off in high waters. Currently two people are missing and mobile technology is helping to locate people. The onus is on them to contact the rescue personnel which could be hard. Older residents are taking it all pragmatically and just doing what has to be done. Younger residents are doing their best just to get to the first step. One step at a time is critical. Queensland needs to let us know if we can help and already some states have sent extra rescue people and skilled personnel to the affected areas. These people need to know we are there and we care and we shall help. The ABC site has provided excellent, informative coverage but we need to lend moral and fiscal support. It is evident that the Queenslanders facing this massive flooding are very tough indeed, but , you know, letting them hear from us and allowing us to lighten their load would be a good thing. I guess they will need some assurances this won't happen again if they are going to re establish. Once is enough. We need to know there are plans to help protect these areas in the future and it will take our best brains to solve that little problem! We thought of the Queenslanders at new Year, we thought of them yesterday , we are counting our blessing and we are waiting to hear if we need to help. They are constantly tromping in water and we have noticed that. That water will be becoming increasingly polluted and we are just hoping they will be okay.

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