Friday, October 29, 2010

Buy local

After the news of not buying and growing our own I was at the supermarket on a mission last night. We have to get our food supply balanced and we have to grow our food here because it is FRESH! Currently I am addicted to the Coffee with Cream icecream from Weis. It has such a fabulous taste. Love it! Wasn't hard to locate that. From that point onwards it was downhill all the way at my supermarket. Hadn't they read the news? Hadn't they worked out we need to sell our own food so we have jobs and fresh produce? We now have a 2 billion deficit in food and manufacturing which we have managed to get over the last 5 years.It will be a cumulative effect of neglecting our own. So I am running a real mission to get this back in the black. I won't buy Australian if it is rubbish...but I will buy Australian if it is tasty and Weis is DELICIOUS. Supermarkets need to get onboard. My supermarket usually has a good balance of home  grown food and imported. Yesterday it was very noticeable the Australian products were missing. Come on, you must have heard? Get the Australian stuff on the shelves...the other countries can be there too. but get our food on the shelves. We cannot buy it if it is not there.

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