Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Federal Election - we have a government!!

And it's Julia Gillard. We have been allowed to see what a woman can do as our PM but at the rate people are sharpening weapons, then it's pretty sad that someone who was made to promise they would run for the full  3 year term is already being subject to attack. It would have been the same had Tony Abbott won. We made those two promise to govern for 3 years but I don't see the signs we are actually going to let them have a chance. Them. It's a minority government and it actually has a good balance. The financial figures came in well for the Labour government, Tony Abbott has managed to hold it together in opposition , the Greens have been given a chance to have a voice and the Independents have become a force to be reckoned with. In that sense we couldn't have a better mix.

Which government is best? That which teaches us to govern ourselves.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So I'd say, let these people have some peace and quiet, allow them to rest and get their houses in order...and let us give them a chance to show us what they can do because they all have their strength and they all have their weaknesses but there is a good chance that as a team they can create some good conditions for us to govern ourselves. What we have to acknowledge is when they don't send potshots, , avoid jibes and just talk to us , then they have the capacity to make us all talk and discuss politics and we need to . Constantly criticising, pulling down and undermining is not serving us well and that is the stuff and nonsense we need to leave behind because it is childish. Politically we need to grow us so we can be independent.

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