Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Market Exclusivity

Suzanne Clarkson, speaking on behalf of Coca-Cola, said: "We haven't banned Mr Revell, he's welcome to go to Fieldays.

"He just can't sell his product because we have an exclusive supplier and sponsorship contract."

I am almost lost for words but not quite. Why can one company be exclusively the provider of drinks at an event? Foolish really because it means there is no choice and no competition and no market forces at work. That company is it. So then the deal is made for the company to be the exclusive provider and then a local drink which mixes that company's product with milk is not allowed to be sold. That would surely be promoting the exclusive product? It would surely be perpetuating that product and allowing its market to develop? Then there is the question of why you would tamper with milk in that way? If milk sales are going down and being replaced by far less nutritious alternatives, then we need to realise we are creating some unhealthy habits here. This article is a real mind opener of how we are functioning as a society.

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