Monday, August 02, 2010

Bloody minded train doors

Yes indeed. The train doors on the new trains just open and shut as they feel like it and it goes on all the time they are in the station. The article refers to the doors refusing to open at stations. I haven't seen that but I have noticed the new train doors are not very reliable and the constant open and shutting on standstill drives you nuts. That's nothing to being stranded at the wrong station. It is not easy to get anywhere in Adelaide without a car so if you are at the wrong station and it is dark you really are at risk. Adelaide knows this. Passengers need more reassurance that trains will be reliable and we are not going to be encouraged to use public transport if it scares the daylights out of us. At the very least ,you'd expect some kind of help because Adelaide is desolate at night because it is so underpopulated and the distances to anywhere are too far and too lonely. There needs to be some consideration of passenger safety.

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