Thursday, July 08, 2010

Old Le Cornu Site

The North Adelaide site has been in a holding pattern for more than 20 years with bulldozers finally flattening old buildings there in April.

This is the sort of journalism I like. After 20 years we need to get moving on this!! So maybe we need to be using our web 2.0 applications going and blog, tweet, poll and push! Make things happen with crowd power because that is a prime site, prime location and we have a right to have it developed. Perhaps Mr. Makris needs to tell us exactly what the hold up is. It's an area which could have been making a lot of money for his company so it doesn't make sense. It would be good to find out what exactly is going on. More than that, this article points out very clearly that we cannot just let things grind to a halt because that is the choice of a developer. We need to find solutions and work arounds.

Presumably the drawing on the left is from the developers so it looks like it would be a fantastic building for us to have. I'd actually like to know who the artist is because the artwork is so superb so the other side of this is there is a very talented person out there with some great ideas for us whose creativity has been put on hold and stifled because we cannot see this in real life. I hope that artist is getting some better acknowledgement and accolades elsewhere. I haven't seen such great drawing for plans in a long time. The attention to detail is remarkable.

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