Saturday, June 05, 2010

Service with a smile

I am not going to stop blogging about it. Good service is friendly, warm, genuine and efficient. It makes all the difference. Luckily, that is what I usually get, so the poor service really stands out. It is hallmarked by a face set in concrete or totally expressionless. The top of the list this week goes to the checkout operator in my favourite hardware store who took what appeared to be an incoming business call as she served me. First there was the disruption of the call tone. Then she was gabbing on the phone as she put my items through . Gab, gab, gab. I was just in the way of her phone call and things were put back in my trolley in such a way they would have been broken as I wheeled it across the car park. I had slate and pots. Her mind was not on me. It may be a result of short staffing and it may be a clever way to resolve internal problems to have all this communication...but I'd rather have the girl I had at the fresh food shop this morning. She was pleasant, chatty, genuinely friendly and gave me a tip or two about the produce along the way. It was just a natural conversation. Ditto my favourite electronics store. The service was friendly, helpful and the people really know their products and their system. You come out of there feeling you have bought well and you know why. It is actually the same usually in my fairyland hardware store. For the whole time I shopped there the staff were cheerful and helpful as I was trying to make choices. They weren't pushy but they just wanted to know I was okay and talking to them enabled me to make purchases I was sure would suit my needs. Staff cannot always be happy. I know they will have sad and bad days but it ought not affect their general operating procedures and approach. A smile and a pleasant approach make all the difference.

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