Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Games Market

Professor Jesse Schell of Carnigie Mellon University was speaking in the video I posted yesterday of how the games market had the unexpected turn of massive Facebook game consumption and children's online games. I have blogged before about how the games market has been too stereotyped and how people have perpetuated myths about games and who gamers are. When a company like Zynga can make 250 million a year from games like Farmville then the world needs to sit up and take notice. Firstly, Apple is having a thing about Flash games so it's looking down the gun barrel at companies like Zynga and the massive flocking of people to Facebook games and the like. Good luck with that one. Secondly, there is obviously a big market for co operative and Sims like games. People seem to like to lose themselves in a world. That will change and they'll want something else but finally there are games for everyone and the public has more than welcomed it with open arms. My last point is when you see how many millions of players will spend hours of their time on online games, then you have to wonder whether this oughtn't to be the prototype and template for the working world and if there are not ways and means of framing and repackaging jobs to utilise that massive commitment to creativity of farms, kingdoms, teams ,adventures,bubble bursting, other worlds and groups. If all that people power were to be put into the economy...we would solve every darn problem on the planet.

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