Friday, May 07, 2010

Over Email

I don't know about you but I am so over email. It now seems clumsy. I am even more over getting a pen out and actually writing a letter. I find that such a chore these days if snail mail is what I have to do. With email I have to load up the programme then battle through whatever hurdles the different email clients offer. Some offer the chat now, so and so wants to chat with you, some offer the log in to the server stuff. You have to jump hoops before you get there. GMail doesn't do that. It just opens, but then I find myself in an email swamp of loose threads and started conversations and I go nuts trying to find out which tab I am supposed to click on so I answer the conversation and don't send it to myself. Oh yes, I have done that. I also feel very insecure when there are a number of recipients. Some are privileged and some are not so it's always a worry if you want to email certain people and not others with privileged information. On another email client that is at least clear. The best thing about GMail is the search box. So easy to find what you are looking for. But clattering away an email seems to be so passé these days. These days I mostly phones, SMS, tweet or Facebook and it;s all quick and clear. I wish more people would pick up the web 2.0 stuff. It really does improve communication and takes the burden out of it.

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