Saturday, January 30, 2010

Water for SA!!!

A Government spokeswoman said in Adelaide that Ms Keneally had said at the time of the first release that NSW was prepared to negotiate the release of any extra flow into the Menindee Lakes.

Oh, thank heavens for that. I am so glad to hear there is some sense and negotiation coming into all of this. The Murray is our life blood and we know it. We have all been miserable since the Murray dried up and slowed down. It is important to us all to have this river healthy and  well. There have been arguments, disputes, anger, frustration, despair. We have got it all out in the open and it hasn't always been a pretty sight. Finally, we have come to our senses. The drought has been hard and harsh. It has driven primary producers to the wall and into the depths of despair and it has severely affected tourism and the short breaks which have always been a part of us. We have filmed it, talked about it, highlighted it, examined it. We have been rational and irrational. We have researched, pondered and thought. Negotiation. Thinking. We know our country and our land. We know our history. What a good reason to teach history and to know your past. The drought has hurt us all, but we also are now very aware that bad water practices and poor business approaches have done so much damage too. We have fronted up and looked at it long and hard. We have great scientists and environmentalists. We have great greenies and business people. We are beginning to use our heads. it is not all our fault. Some of it is the fault of those who were here before us. Some of them acted in good faith . We are the ones who have to repair the damage. We are getting more clear headed about he damage. Blame will not help. We need some decent action and plans. We are starting to let our ideas flow and surprisingly the water is coming with it!! Keep thinking!

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