Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A Bureau of Meteorology forecaster said clouds are holding a considerate amount of rain, but most of it will evaporate before hitting the ground because of warm air.

Oh yes, we had big clouds and then thunder and a lot of rumbling and then some rain around 5. It got colder. I couldn't see it going back upto 30 tomorrow. So then it got warmer! At about 7.45 we had big rain!! Great huge drops and a big downpour. I was glad I had put the bin out because I would have been drenched. These days the forecast is a bit of a guideline and we never know if we'll be warm, hot,  cold, need of a jumper...ready for the shorts. It's all very erratic...but the rain meant I didn't have to water...yes!! As far as work wear is concerned  we have all opted for the layered look.

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