Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lakes Resort Hotel

The Lakes Resort Hotel at West Lakes is a pretty nice spot for a very relaxed lunch. West Lakes has come a long way but I fear it will be over built. I have so many photos of all the new high rise buildings which are taking shape there, but I have to say, West Lakes is a place I haven't visited for a long time because I didn't like it.It now has a really good feel about it.

Places like the Lakes Resort are one of the reasons West Lakes feel better. The hotel works really hard on being friendly and efficient. The food is good but suffers from what a few places suffer from...superb meals with a couple of duds. The vegetarian stir fry looked superb and was as beautifully presented as all the other dishes, but it was so bland . I thought ...stir fry...asian flavours. They thought ...stir fry... healthy option and it was a very healthy meal! All the other meals were very much appreciated and the steak with the mussels, prawns and sauce just looked spectacular. The dessert bar was a great idea and very impressive. It was fantastic to eat there  with views of the the lake and in such a cheerful atmosphere. Unfortunately we had to curtail our walk around the lake after because the sun was just too hot!

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