Friday, January 01, 2010

The Festive Season

Christmas and New Year seemed to have a different feel this year. Nothing bad and all good. Everyone seemed to be relaxed about Christmas even though it represented a lot of extra work and thought for most people. It was very much a family thing and people seemed to be concentrating on creating a good atmosphere and ensuring they were eating and relaxing well! It seemed three meals were the order of the day. Some spent breakfast with one group, lunch with another and then dinner with a third. Others provided three meals at home and families seemed to enjoy that. It would appear people were planning healthy, balanced but special meals and it seems to have been really good for us. We have been pleased with ourselves. What it has meant though is that New Year came around too soon and people were not ready for it. They have savoured Christmas. So last night was pretty quiet. I went out to dinner and normally the pubs and restaurants are quite full on New Year's Eve and then people continue on to somewhere else to clebrate the evening. I guess Glenelg would have been packed but a lot of people chose to have New Year's Eve at home and they didn't seem to mind if they were home alone. It was time to relish and enjoy the festivities we had had. It was certainly quiet around here and even though there was one party , it finished pretty shortly after 12. So then I had the added luxury of getting up this morning and going off to a champagne breakfast with friends. We were all up for it and that was a real maybe we'll do New Year's Day as our celebration. One friend suggested we follow the Chinese and celebrate New Year in February when we have had a chance to have a break! Not such a silly idea but the Scots would be scandalised I am sure...and , as one of them, my father would turn in his grave!

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