Monday, January 04, 2010

5 times over the legal limit

The Elizabeth Park teenager, 19, was pulled over in the early hours of Sunday morning driving along Main North Rd.

This fills me with profound sadness and there needs to be some mutual obligation here. She is 19, driving 5 times over the limit on a major road on a Sunday morning and has lost her licence for at least a year. Not good enough. There needs to be some obligation on our part to try and help get her life out of the shambles it is in at this stage...19, and she is prepared to wipe herself and anyone else out.... and she needs to understand there will be no licence until she can show she has done something to accept the help we offer and that she is prepared to follow through on it. Even with the Rudd government initiative to help mental health issues she is entitled to some free expert treatment. I'd say we need to ensure she gets it. As an adult she has to take responsibility for her health and her driving obligations, but as a society we need to make sure she is able to access the help she needs because, at this point in time, she is probably not able to act  in terms of her own well being and she needs all the help she can get.

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