Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Postal Strike

The union representing postal workers wants a new workplace agreement that protects penalty shifts and pay, and improves workplace safety.

So is it a strike or not? The  article says Australia Post says three quarters of the workers won't be striking.  No one will argue with the reasons for the strike but this is Christmas and obviously three quarters of Australia Post have got it right. Season of good will. Everyone doing their bit, hauling together and getting Christmas over the line and post is a part of that even though a lot of people don't sent cards these days, there are still plenty who do and those all important overseas packages which keep you in touch with friends and family. It's getting hard because it costs a fortune to airmail small things overseas and you wish you could send them more cheaply or be able to spend that money on the gift. $11 dollars for tiny articles is silly but we no longer have the sea option. The would has changed. maybe we need to get better research into teleportation and kinesis. In the meantime, postal workers have a right to a safe work place, proper shifts and pay...but the flood gates have opened on pay issues and you can see how it is all unravelling.

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