Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Everyone seems to have Christmas under control. There isn't a feeling of frantic and everyone seems to be going about Christmas in a very down to earth way. There has been some real ingenuity with packaging because we are so over wrapping presents! It isn't than we are mean spirited. Our weather is all over the place...hot cold hot cold, wet cold hot dry...and our bodies are just tired from the constant adjustments...so we are getting real about what is possible for Christmas and what is not. At the shops customers and shop assitants are exchanging tips and tricks and the sales staff are very good at getting you on the right track with the right frame of mind. Fuss free. The food is looking great and I have been enjoying preparing thte things I am making for the festive season. Today was the marinated feta and it was good to smell the fresh basil and to sautee the capsicums with the garlic. Smelt lovely! As did the easist Christmas cake ever that I cooked yesterday.So we are in good spirits and just doing it bit by bit. It's a really good feeling.

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