Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Risks

They say young men experience a big increase in mental health problems, suicide and risky behaviour in the holiday period and they're urging family members and friends to watch out for warning signs.

While we are all preparing for Christmas then it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves that this can be a precarious time of year for people with mental instability. It is good we have articles like this, not to depress us, but to remember that even though we cannot be saviours, our heightened awareness of mental difficulties might help some people manage Christmas better. We can at least try to take the pressure off and keep others calmer than they might be if they have to try and navigate the festive season alone. Apart from drink driving and drinking too much which we have to be firm about, we need to be understanding of people who are mentally ill or unstable. Christmas does put the pressure on them. They cannot cope with the preparations, the changes, the endless things to do and then the socialising. Mentally ill people need their quiet time and their time out so their heads don't get too busy and confused. This article reminds us to keep a watchful eye on young men. It's worth the read.  In the mean time perhaps mental health care workers can give us some tips on how to help people who are stressing over Christmas. We cannot solve their problems but we can ease their pain.

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