Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Robust Technology

New technology has won my admiration lately in a way I should never have imagined. First was the cordless phone. Nice little unit which I took outside while I was washing my car and promptly dropped it in the washing water. Hm. Stupid twit. I fished it out. Dried it off , removed the batteries and the back and placed it near the fire. Wasn't hot then!! The batteries I also placed near the fire. They had the warmth but not the heat. I left it all there for a day. Put normal batteries in and popped it on the base. Signs of life. Stripped it down and warmed it by the fire for another day and put the rechargeables in and bingo...away we went as though nothing had ever happened. Latest nonsense was daughter's USB flash drive going through the wash. This new front loader heats up to 60C and washes for two and a half hours and rinses and rinses. Then I found the USB as I pulled the clothes out. Hot weekend. I dangled it by the cord off the cupboard door in the laundry. It stayed there from Friday night until Sunday and then I tried it on my laptop. Windows offered to repair it and the thing has just carried on as normal. Brilliant I say. This new technology fits my klutzy lifestyle!

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