Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cruisin' Ubuntu

I got a friend of mine to change to the way we'd all like to...dual boot with Windows. He mastered that whole thing quite quickly. I gave up on the dual boot but he has been more thorough and so it worked really well. I have a dedicated Ubuntu laptop and I haven't been on it in ages for all the reasons my life came up here I am and it is grand. Just lovely. I came on here because my daughter had a flash drive which was playing up and it really was the spawn from hell  and would stop Windows and kill it. It was new a while ago and she had never said. Well...what a load of tripe. So I thought I'd try it on Ubuntu and this bolshie flashdrive is behaving itself perfectly. My problem now is how to rename it. That is not a click away in Ubuntu. Doesn't seem to be and I am looking for an easy fix. I have a non easy fix and will get around to it... but Ubuntu is choofing along just nicely and has now got me a nice little flash drive!

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