Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Airport Security

I flew to Melbourne today and was in the Dandenongs. Just so beautiful....but so close to where the traumatic bush fires had occurred and the people have recovered but still feel the pain. Certainly cooler than Adelaide! My first experience of electronic flying. Booked on line , got my boarding passes online. How streamlined was that? Then I realised there was no check whatsoever that I was who had booked. I could get on a plane and be on the passenger list but I could have sent any female in my place. No one would have known. To that extent it showed how normal flying was these days because it was more like getting on road transport but I thought we had all the airport security in place?! I was tested for explosives. I always am. Somehow I get picked. I hadn't flown for 3 years because I had committed myself to saving carbon to do something positive for the planet. Electronic booking has made it so easy but it has taken away the proof that I am the person on the boarding pass. I thought we were keen on security on planes? Other than that I can say that both flights were so efficiently run and I went Virgin and came back Qantas. The flight attendants were pleasant and helpful. Both Adelaide and Melbourne airports were nice places to be. Melbourne wins hands down on road traffic though. The drive tot he Dandenongs was a breeze and a total contrast to battling my way home on Adelaide roads which are lumpy and congested. Daft. Adelaide could learn a thing or two from the good management of road traffic in Melbourne. The was no sign that it was a big, busy city. The traffic flow was just the best!

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