Monday, February 16, 2009


I would never have thought I'd have been going off to see Twilight, but, you know, there are times when opportunities come up and you just say yes. In this case it was a friend who really wanted to see the film and couldn't find anyone else to go. So what are friends and family for? Yes, to accompany you to the things you like but they have no interest in. It had already been causing a bit of a stir around Adelaide and lots of young girls were reading the books. My daughter had gone out and bought the whole set with
the intention of having a marathon read. So there I was in the cinema, waiting. We'd rushed to the session, bolted our dinner because we hadn't quite timed it right...and the show was about to commence. When I go to something I have no interest in , I discipline myself to keep the black hat off and participate with an open mind. I can see why all the girls have fallen for Edward Cullen and I can see why all the girls are enjoying the book. Stephenie Meyer has created some good characters and she tells a good tale. I have since been assured that the books are far better and give you the sort of detail which absorbs and transports you into the fantasy world of Twilight. It would appear they have a much wider audience appeal.I was expecting something ghoulish but it wasn't a bit like that.It was just a good story but I felt the film baulked at being a proper film and restricted itself  too often to the level of TV series . The photography was superb. There were some excellent shots and images and artistically it was a well crafted film. That I really appreciated. The characters were well drawn but I felt the actors just didn't lose themselves enough in the characters to make them totally convincing. It comes with experience and confidence but there were some really good actors there who just needed to dare a bit more. The facial animation of Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson was, at times, rather like the silent films and detracted from their roles. Kristen over did the "frissons" and couldn't quite express that and Edward and his eyebrows drove me nuts. I came out of it  really glad I had seen it and I shall certainly go and see the next one coming out in November. Sometimes it pays to do the unexpected.

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