Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hot Heat

Oh yes, we have been pretty hot in Adelaide with temperatures in the forties Celsius. One of my friends had an offshore worker from an outsourced company feeling very sorry for him, telling him he needed to rug up and get the woolly hat out. The worker had assumed it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Just one of the little implementation dips of the global village - the fact we are using different measurement scales. I haven't minded the heat. I am probably the only one in Adelaide who has not been particularly appreciative of air conditioners. I hate it. I wait all year to be warm because I just do not function in the cold and then it gets warm and the air conditioners go on. I have been horrified how some people have run them all night and then put fans on as well. Bit over the top in my mind and rather self indulgent. Even if you are sick there are less extreme ways of keeping your body temperature down. Then there is the small matter of people filling pools while our plants are dying. We cannot live in a desert. This year I had evidence in black and white on my water bill that I used less water BEFORE these restrictions. I also kept my garden alive. Now I am watching it die again and, like one radio announcer, I am deeply concerned because these restrictions are killing our state. I know there are irresponsible people. Let them be nailed. I know there are irresponsible businesses and industries. Let them be nailed too...but let your average South Australian manage the heat and their gardens and keep giving us all those tips...or let our state die. There is simply no excuse to let our trees and plants die. None. That is irresponsible.

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