Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adelaide is brooding

Adelaide is in a weird mood and I am not in the least surprised to hear Vidmar went off like a rocket at his Adelaide soccer team after they lost to Melbourne Victory. The Victorians probably deserved to win in the light of what they have been dealing with as a state this week. It would have been weighing more heavily on them because it was their state which has been burnt to bits...not ours. So somewhere in the psychology of an Adelaidian there would be that thought...poor buggers, with all they have had this week a win will do them good. But our team sounds like us. They have been described as flat and without fire. That is us. All of us. We are flat. We feel unwell. We want to sleep or be quiet. We know that but for the grace fo God that could have been our state or our state as well last weekend. We, too, have had years of drought followed by dubious water restrictions and we are looking at burned up dust bowls of gardens and our gardens have deteriorated badly the last two years. This year the sun has been burning right through things. Not normal and we know it. Then there is the small matter of the the Torrens leaking out and it was supposedly an electrical fault. Just before our festival month and the mad run in Adelaide where everything thing happens all the time and then it goes quiet. So we find out there is magically a quarry full of water and we know that water is the magical elixir which would bring hope to our gardens and our has been there all this time in that quarry. They will probably pipe it to the Torrens. So yes , we are frustrated because when you are like my neighbour and you have been busting your gut all through the heat on home renovations, you can see your garden turned to dust and you wake up Saturday and find out some swine with Global shoes has stolen your tyres, wheels and feel like the world has turned and there is not a lot you can do about it. So you get into can't be bothered mode and you get random attacks of anger. Vidmar grew up in Adelaide. He is apparently a good coach. So he will know how this is and he will also know that raving on at your team and going right over the top is probably not how you get the best out of people. You never get top effort from people you abuse. At the moment we are a bit at the end of our tether and it's this tinder dry , dead land and the need for rain.So I guess there will be a few people losing it and sounding off. It was rubbed in yesterday as I drove along South Terrace. Veale Gardens was hosting a wedding  and it looked green, lush and beautiful inspite of our heat. On the opposite corner was another park where the trees were neat and clean, the ground was cleared of debris but the overwhelming impression was it was dry, starved, parched. The trees looked too dry and distressed and the ground look brown and awful . The whole image was of this land which just needs water. Adelaide needs water. Do not put up another house, nor bring another person into our state until you can give us proper amounts of  water.

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