Sunday, November 02, 2008

The next big thing in technology

"The next big thing is constant real-time online interactions such as sharing photos, messages and locations from wherever you are, whenever you like. Everything is getting faster."
This is already happening in my life and I can tell you I wouldn't need to work away from home if it were set up properly and everyone was doing it. The whole article is worth a read because it is a series of interviews with those who ought to know where our technology is headed. It is actually good to be able to connect with people online. it enhances live meetings no end and the benefits are substantial. it tends to forge strong bonds but you can also get a lot of innovation and hilarity. People tend to be more relaxed online and more like themselves. In a live social setting they have all their interpersonal skills to deal with. If the world is going this way, I wish it would hurry up. I'd be far happier mixing and matching it online and then organising live meetings with others when I needed to. It brings such a great deal of variety to your life and you can really get to see just how much people do and how interesting they can be. This will often go unnoticed in a group situation in real life.

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