Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Students behaving badly

Well, this story has had a good airing and it was the talk of the town here because we are coming up to that time of the year too. The behaviour comes from all sorts of students. Radio stations have come into their own because they open up the topics for debate and allow everyone to have their say so all points of view are heard. In this way there is an escape valve for different crises and some valid discussion comes out of it. Radio announcers are becoming dab hands at looking at all the angles and getting both an airing of opinions and then possible resolutions. Newspapers are getting good at delivering the facts. So anyone stuck in the middle of a crisis, as this school is, has plenty to draw on to help resolve the matter and they know they are not alone. In Adelaide we were talking about how various schools have tried to adopt different approaches to the end of year 12 in order to get a fresh approach and put this well worn behaviour to rest. Looking at the positives and reflecting on the time at school. It's in its early stages but some of the ideas sound good. The truth is what this article says. There are students behaving badly who completely blot out the good work of others and the tone of any event. It ought to be about finishing school and getting ready for exams. It's not about scaring the daylights out of your neighbourhood like a rerun of any daft, anti social behaviour from around the world. Someone started this. Someone got it going and it would be good if they were found and dealt with. It is great to see the school supported and we were more than in favour of anyone who was breaking the law to be charged. Students , like anyone else, need to know we have boundaries and laws and the other students will then be comforted . That is what a community is about. Upholding community values.

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