Saturday, October 25, 2008


We are so not happy. Adelaide turned out a vile day today weatherwise and I could see it on the horizon as I drove into town. The heat does not worry me, but as I drove to town I could see this pall of nasty grey mist blowing over us. Vile. Vile. Vile. Everything was already brown and you could see the trees drying up already. So much for the rain in winter. There is nothing in our soil...and still they are excavating and building houses. No rain. No water. Brown. In 5 minutes Adelaide has turned from green and healthy looking to brown and disgusting. The only htings which didn't mind were the roses. What a magnificent show of roses we had all the way to town. Hutt Steet was hot , dry and incredibly dusty. You couldn't breathe. Too warm, too dry , too windy and too dusty. We had fun inspite of the weather and drank plenty of water to keep hydrated. So when it was my turn to water the garden tonight I could see the damage already done. Our soil is as dry as a bone. We need water. Water to keep the dust down and water to keep things alive.

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