Saturday, October 25, 2008

Graffiti man takes the Plunge

Dried green paintImage via Wikipedia
I don't mind graffiti art. It can make some otherwise very drab places quite interesting and some graffiti artists make  interesting and different political and/or artistic statements. This lot were at the jetty , though, so it would more likely be the random paint can sloshing which I abhor and we seem to have a lot of it about. For a while there it was working well. We had graffiti painted over and we had paint where it could be washed off. Now they seem to daube brush fences, wood...if it stands still, they slosh random paint marks over it. Why? I get the art. I hate that paint smeared crappy tag stuff. If this guy has broken his pelvis, then a year flat on his stomach will be more than enough punishment. For heaven's sake give him some art lessons while you can.
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