Friday, October 24, 2008

Government Action on Money Matters

Any government at the moment is in an invidious position. It is just not that easy to work out what to do because things are changing rapidly. They are not as they were and so the courses of action are hard to plot without considerable consultation and consideration and , of course,  no one has time at the moment. They just want it fixed. This whole money mess was a long time in the making and so it is not something which is going to be fixed that easily. Rich people in Russia are just plain losing their fortunes and the domino effect of those sub prime mortgages is  starting to be felt around the world. People are worried, they are frantic and they are losing patience at a time where a calm outlook is of the essence. We can contribute to the situation by being ill advised and reacting wildly. Tough money situations call for tough physical constitutions because they can run you right to the edge. It is better to be steady. The Government is not going to be able to solve everything. No government is because a lot of it is to do with how businesses , trade and financial institutions have been structured since Thatcher, really. A long time.Jobs are starting to go, things are starting to pull back and any government has to concern itself with the best options and they are not going to be able to fix it all nor fix anything too quickly and they know they will be blamed. It is important for us to know how we can help and what our best course of action is to help contribute to a safer journey through this crisis. We are still getting plenty of information about what is occurring but nowhere near enough information about how to help and that needs to be coming at us on almost a daily basis at the moment. The one thing I am grateful for is our journalists are getting right onto the immediate issues and getting them  out there and clarified for us so that we can at least think straight and that, I think, is helping us a lot.

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