Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Georges River Car Haul

Car graveyard exhumed : "Police divers have been fighting strong river currents and 12C waters to locate and attach marker buoys to the submerged vehicles, which are believed to have been used in robberies or are linked to car rebirthing operations."

The George's River will be freezing this time of the year. The police get some great jobs, but trawling for drowned cars probably isn't one of their favourites. The Georges River is really pretty and a beautiful spot. 60 cars they think and they've hauled out 17 which has attracted some attention. I bet. It means they will be able to solve some of the crimes on their books, but it seems the cars are stolen and then dumped in the river. What a waste. What a lack of respect. How much damage and pollution have been caused? They are a hazard, for sure, but they will also affect nature in the area. Still, I suppose a car thief hasn't really got living with nature on their mind.

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