Sunday, March 23, 2014

South Australia has a government!

We have a government. Independent Geoff Brock has supported Jay Weatherill's 23 seat win so that he can form government. The Liberal's won 22 seats. As we waited and waited and waited for a week Dr. Bob Such, the other independent who might have formed government too, was taken ill and the state is concerned this has happened now and everyone hopes Bob Such will recover soon. He and Geoff Brock had taken their roles as independents who would be asked to form government very seriously and had really done their homework. It was pretty impressive and no nonsense. For all the moaning, I think we have a really good result for us at this point in time. Irrespective of who wins the primary vote it is the party which gets the designated number of seats which wins. I well remember how badly Kim Beasley was treated after he lost to John Howard in a federal election. Kim Beasley had won the primary vote in a really tough election campaign . Those were the days!! Both he and John Howard had gone in head to head in a tough political situation. Kim Beasley got more votes but John Howard got more seats. That is how our system works. When Steven Marshall works that out, he will be more at peace with himself and do some positive reflecting. He has not been called incompetent as Kim Beasley was and for Kim Beasley to do what he did was extraordinary at the time. The media never consider what is really going on and what is really at stake. I think we have 3 people who can lead our state well and get us out of this Non Event mode we seem to have been ascribed. We are not inconsequential but it is how we are viewed and I think these 3 people will help change our image in a positive way. I had no idea the Liberals had changed leader. Isobel Redmond had not been very popular and then she went very quiet. Jay Weatherill had been very quiet too , probably because we had had enough of Rann and Foley and the arguments and messy politics. It was a tough position for Jay Weatherill to come into. He has found his ground now, though , with the Holden situation and then the rumblings about leadership. Jay is very considered in his stance and articulates his views well. He can also show some very strong leadership. Steven Marshall popped up during the election campaign and if he wants to win then he has to work for South Australia and he has to allow us to get to know him as we did during the campaign. The state has given neither major party ultimate power so they are both being told to show us what they are made of and that they are there for SA. Geoff Brock is a great addition since South Australia has a significant regional area which tends to get side lined. It would be great to see that part of SA emerge again strongly and be part of our vision. So I'm hopeful. I think the mix is right and if these three men can collaborate and set their own agenda it will make a significant difference to our state.They will all win in terms of their careers no matter who wins at the next election. 

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