Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow! Adelaide...just wow!

Little things mean a lot . We have not had a southern train for over a year. Our transport corridors from the south have been severely disrupted for two years because the other half of the Expressway has been being built. At this stage there are signs it is all coming together. I actually managed to catch the train into town for breakfast at the Pancake Kitchen. I hadn't organised anything too grand so if it had to be postponed or cancelled it would not be too disappointing. The train was gone for nearly a year, came back, sort of back at the moment, but  today I got on a train to town!! I have one more trip on my paper ticket and then I can invest in the new Metro Cards which are vastly superior to any other ticketing system we have had. The journey to town gave me a real understanding of just how much work has been going on and just how much more there is to complete. I shall now be patient because you can see Adelaide is just waiting to blossom and burgeon. We have to get past this rebuilding and reconstruction phase. The new hospital is an architectural delight. I'd love to be inside the honeycomb part of it, but not sick. I'd love to see the view from the other side of that genius design. The hospital itself will be huge. It is still in an odd place and I still think it will cause congestion but we'll see. It was great to see the trams running along North Terrace and the Bank Street makeover is so well done. A very clever piece of street design and use. Next trip I shall go into the the Mall to see what I can see, but today I was really impressed with what has happened on our train line and the area directly adjacent to the station. Such an improvement and a really good look. Well done, Adelaide. It has been a pain but we'll be so pleased with it all when it's done!

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