Thursday, September 27, 2012

Social media really, really help

Doesn't matter who it is. If I can find a company/organisation on Twitter and I do not have a complicated request, then I go on Twitter if I want an instant response. It has been by far the best way to sort out my little nuisance problems with anything. It has been fantastic. I almost always get an instant response. I discovered this by accident when I was using my computer to fill in the time while I was being told to wait while someone resolved something for me. By the time they had returned I had got the answer on Twitter by connecting with the organisation there and had moved on to  doing something else!! I have just been sorting out a phone problem as I write this post. It's just too easy. We're dealing with texters so they are really quick on Twitter and I always have TweetDeck going. On Facebook I connect with companies and organisations I deal with and I will get a 24 hour turn around on responses there. It's good and it works. Beats hanging around online or on a phone connection or waiting for an email response. The social media service has been impeccable so I highly recommend it. 

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