Sunday, September 02, 2012

Jayme Paris

Image : London2012

The London 2012 official paralympics site has some good biographies . I have used it so I can try and get to know some of these Olympians. They are Olympians. Their stories are moving, their courage bottomless and their achievements well worth paying attention to. Makes me think of those people who think life is hard and basically they just won't get off their behinds and help themselves. These athletes are a good example to us all. One who has really won my interest is Jayme Paris. I liked her the first time I saw her and could see just how courageous and then how well trained she was. When you read her blog Jayme Richardson-Paris  you can see she has had to fight so hard from the moment she was born. One of our young equestrians has a similar tough story where she lost both her parents. None of them bleat on or use any of their hardships and emotional battles as an excuse or sympathy getter. These people have drawn strength from their trauma and what a wake up call for the rest of us. I have just watched Jayme win her bronze medal and my heart was in my mouth. I think the commentator was getting very emotional too. It was so touching. Her body started to wobble and yet you watched this woman rise above the physical discomfort and get on the way really well and then she was wobbling again. She holds it all together. She is obviously a very special woman who knows how to tough it out through the sorts of difficulties she has to manage and then draw on her training to pull her back to the top. We cannot help but be inspired and moved by these  great performances. They have been the talk of the town for sure. We have been grateful our commentators have done such a good job of joining the dots for us and interviewing some of the athletes. It has been a presentation which has involved us in a real way. 

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