Friday, July 06, 2012

Bloomin' freeeezing in Adelaide

I think I have decided to eat my way through this freezing cold. Know why I live in Adelaide? I don't want to live in New Zealand because it's too cold. So we were down to 1.7C this morning. I don't do cold. I  live in sunny Australia. The decision was to catch the train to town, do a bit of shopping and then have lunch before we came home. I got the nice black leather gloves I had been looking for. I do try to do my bit for retail but I had tried two shopping centres recently before finally finding my gloves in town. Everyone was frozen in town. They had been dressing better at the shopping centres - perhaps because it was a short trip. In town everyone was in their comfy clothes and slow. Looking drab and as uncomfortable as I was. I did put my nicer warm clothes on. Others were coming out in their baggy jeans and trackies and jackets and ordinary scarves. The service in the shops was excellent and everyone was so well groomed. We must have looked a straggly bunch today but it was icy out even though we had a nice blue sky and some sun. No heat in the sun. So,we went to North for lunch, right next to the railway station. It was warm, pleasant, became busier and busier and it offers a great lunch menu and a well thought out a la carte menu. The lunch menu changes regularly and they offer good portions. That was such a nice way to get through a freezing day. 

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