Monday, June 25, 2012

So cold

Adelaide is so cold. Perhaps not by standards elsewhere but by our standards it's cold and we don't know how we are going to get through winter. It's cold, wet , freezing, foggy...misty actually. In terms of cold climates it's nothing but we are folding up our petals and lowering our heads. We are getting sick, slow, unhappy.We know we have to get through it and we do have those around us who love this weather but most of us like the sunshine and blue skies and a chance to be outdoors . This is why we live in Adelaide so we have had to think of ways to beat it. Some are reluctant to get out the jackets and jumpers and are shivering their way through the day. If the RSPCA was anything to go by on Saturday then plenty of us have decided offering a nice warm home to a new pet is good way to get through winter. I have never seen it so busy and we were there to get a cat for a family member who now is having a cheerful winter with a beautiful pet and the knowledge of a life saved. That was so heart warming to see the RSPCA people run off their feet. We also seem to be getting into the music and DVDs/downloads. Some are rugged up and trying to beat the stinker of a cold going around. I guess Adelaide had gone homely to beat the freeze.

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