Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We kill horses, don't we?

 Image: Grand National

"He said given that 11 of the horses to race on Monday had also raced on Saturday, it was lucky more did not fall."

This article sums it all up pretty well.  What else is there to say? 12 races, 3 dead horses and steeple chasing still isn't banned. It is not safe. It needs to stop. Now. The debate has never dried up. Every year we watch horses damaged, hurt and destroyed. It is senseless to do this to horses time and again. It's wrong. If people damaged themselves like that every time they hurdled, then we'd ban the sport. I do not understand why we are so slow to act. Softening the jumps hasn't worked nor was it going to. The race horses here have very thin legs. Time to ensure we never do this purposely again - every time we run a steeple chase we are showing we don't care. The cavalry days are over. The world needs to show some care and consideration for all life.

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