Monday, February 27, 2012

Caucus Summer Collection 2012

When you lead a team there will always be those who would put poles in your back, poles in your chest and poles in your side. There will always be those who do not support you. All you can do is attempt to get them onside but carry on regardless if you don't. The nay sayers and black hatters will always be there. A 71-31 win at the caucus vote was pretty impressive for any leader. When your opponent is well liked and respected and has some high level skills, then it is a remarkable result. It is unfortunate it had to be done this way but when you have two really competent leaders in one party and they both have good things to offer, there will be a power struggle and in the end the party has to decide and they did. Julia Gillard is not at all flimsy. She has stood up to an onslaught of of challenges and one at a time she has been able to rise above them and keep a clear head. Her resilience is remarkable as is Anna Bligh's and one day both those women will be given credit for their capacity to endure exceptional circumstance. They are worthy leaders and they are able to withstand the battering of life in Australia and Australian politics. If Kevin Rudd will now use his talents and skills to continue his own good work for the party in his state and his country then he will see that he is still able to lead but not in the way he thinks. He actually needs to be flexible in his thinking. His sporting loss means he can walk away and get on with his new life and new Kevin in that comfortable, assured manner we like. That said, I'd now like to appreciate the fact our politicians got out on the runway today with some pretty dapper clothes. Conservative, yes, but they were impeccably dressed and it is something I'd like to see continue. I do not expect Canberra to be the fashion capital of Australia but I'd like to see our politicians show, as they did today, that Canberra is worthy of quality clothing, good cut, a certain je ne sais quoi and a dash of panache when it comes to dress. Clothes do not maketh the man but a certain standard and style of dress is what we need and what has been missing. Perhaps I am with Mr. Slipper and his attempt to put a level of finesse into our federal parliament. I do like what I saw today. Even our reporters showed a real sense of occasion with their dress and demeanour. I like it and it suits us!

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