Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anders Breivik

Norwegian police say Anders Behring Breivik told them he had "several targets" in mind when they quizzed him about the twin attacks that killed 77 people a week ago.

Irrespective of what he might have had in mind, his mind works like a steel trap and my own personal concern is what he still has in mind. Not being dead, that's for sure. He put his gun down and handed himself over and has been compliant ever since. He has taken so many lives and he planned that meticulously so I tend to think he has planned everything else. If his incredibly well thought out writing is anything to go by then he is prepared to think things out in amazing detail and has an enormous amount of patience. His name came up on a chemicals register but nothing could be done about it because he was seemingly leading the life of a good citizen. He plays people for suckers and maybe the blast in Oslo was a great way to create a confusing set of circumstances which then left him free to go to the island. He has no heart. His soul is concrete and his eyes are steel. His mind is probably still working on the next part of his plan. He obviously would have factored in being caught but he plainly had no intention of dying for his cause. That is the most disturbing part of Anders Breivik and why we need to understand him well. He just has his mind and his plans. What happens has no emotional meaning to him. It is a to do list. The media seem at odds as to what to call him. They seem to have dropped the word terrorist and have called him a right wing extremist, an assassin, an assailant and a mass murderer. All of the above. A rose by any other name. No matter what the mot du jour is to describe him in the media, he is horrifyingly scary and a force to be reckoned with. They are still burying their loved ones in Norway and I am thinking about that. One person brought all this hell and pain but still lives and plans. I admire the Norwegian people for their solidarity in rising above it. May he be understood and stopped. 

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