Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunflowers for Japan

This story about Japan is so touching. Inspite of the awfulness and constant fear they have endured, they can still see  life in a sunny way. They can still hold hope and inspiration. That kind of inspiration is moving. 

The campaign, launched by young entrepreneurs and civil servants in Fukushima prefecture last month, aims to cover large areas in yellow blossoms as a symbol of hope and reconstruction and to lure back tourists.

Sunflowers will be used to help decontaminate the soil and provide a ray of hope for the Japanese. It is a project they want their nation to be involved in but they would like tourists to participate in it too. It is a gentle and spectacular way of involving all in the regeneration of hope which will eventually rebuild the nation. They have already sold thousands and thousands of packets of sunflower seeds. The seeds from these crops will be collected and passed on  making it a never ending project with a positive outcome.  We have a lot to learn from Japan.

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