Sunday, June 12, 2011


Tony Abbott's visit to Nauru is making some people think that this is a suitable place to house asylum seekers  coming to Australia on boats. Christmas Island was opened by Kevin Rudd a short time after he took office because we were dealing with so many boats coming in. The Christmas Island facility had been commissioned by the Howard government. Currently the Malaysian solution is still being considered. Tony Abbott has reopened the Nauru debate. We have started really  thrashing out what our issues are because it is a problem which has plagued us for years and I have dealt with this in earlier posts.  Elaine Smith wrote a very well considered and researched submission to the  Inquiry into the provisions of the Migration Amendment (Designated Unauthorised Arrivals) Bill 2006 .   The site offers a lot of information and insight into the situation which was Nauru. It is also possible to get a link to the submission from this site. While we are looking at the situation of incoming boats of asylum seekers , it is important to keep our heads very straight , consider all the options and remember we need to learn from past experience. We do need to think our way out of this box. The world now has a number of unsafe and unstable situations and you just have to look at the refugees pouring out of Syria into Turkey , who is accepting them all, to know we have to look clearly and logically at this. 

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